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“Play is often talked about as if it were a relief from serious learning. But for children, play is serious learning.” - Mr. Rodgers 
3 Year Old Class

Our 3-year-old program is open to children who will turn three years old by January (2025) and focuses on fostering a positive relationship with the school environment. Using imaginative play, storytelling, song, dance, and art our teachers help students to develop trust and emotional security while away from their parents at school. This security is essential in cultivating a positive initial relationship with the concept of “school.” The students also learn basic school routines, strategies for self-regulation, and how to build positive relationships with peers. Academic content includes exposure to the alphabet and early number concepts as well as activities and games that promote fine and gross motor competence.

​4 Year Old  Class

Our 4's program is open to children who turn four years old by October 1 (2024) and focuses on Kindergarten readiness.  Special attention is given to creating routines and developing appropriate social behaviors and relationships as well as to exposing students to basic academic concepts.  Through play; both free and guided, storytelling, art, music, and direct instruction our fours have the opportunity to develop self-confidence and self-direction as well as quality interpersonal relationships with children and adults alike.  The activities implemented in this program provide ample opportunity for students to develop competence using gross and fine motor skills.  Our content-focused material goes hand-in-hand with our social and emotional learning and exposes students to concepts of print, letter identification and sounds, number sense and counting, and basic mathematical practices.

Flexible Class Scheduling 

Our school is open Monday through Friday and offers a variety of class offerings class size permitting.


Session Times:

Full-day sessions from 8:40 am-2:45pm

Half Day sessions from 8:40 am-12:30pm

Extended Hours:

Early Drop-off beginning at 8 am

Late Pick-up until 4:30 pm

*for an additional fee

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